We nurture a dynamic environment of diversity, equity, and inclusivity that empowers our employees to learn, grow, succeed, and make a meaningful impact in their careers and lives.
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Ms. Thiera Azouri

Business Analyst

Working at Mindware has been an incredibly positive experience. The supportive team, commitment to employee growth, and innovative work environment make it a standout workplace. Grateful for the opportunities and excited about the future. Proud to be part of the Mindware family..

Ms. Sneha Lokhandwala

Product Manager

I have been blessed to work with the best pool of talent’s from the industry. The Senior leadership have always maintained an Open Door Policy and they are always approachable and open to conversations. The flexibility extended in work hours whenever necessary. Growth structure has more dimensions to review and good place to grow your skill sets. Work life balance is maintain.

Mr. Satish Tulsiani

IT Solutions Manager

My journey with Mindware has been an incredible learning experience, fostering both personal and professional growth. I’ve had the privilege of experiencing a supportive and empowering culture, which has led to my career growth.

I’m deeply thankful to my team members for their invaluable advice and guidance, which has been pivotal to my success within this enriching global network of remarkable individuals.

Ms. Sharmila Kokane

Channel Manager

Proud to be part of the Mindware family! The collaborative culture, great leadership, and exciting projects make it an amazing workplace. Lucky to be on this journey with such a fantastic team!

Mr. Mushtaq Mubasshir

Presales Engineer

Surrounded by brilliant minds in a culture of innovation and creativity, Mindware has the perfect recipe for success!

This allows me to think big and I feel that I can make a difference

Ms. Vanessa Aouad

Product Manager

Mindware is a professional company, it has provided me with a career growth opportunity, and helped me in my professional development and advancement. Here, I have the  chance to work in an innovative environment that encourages employees to think creatively, and provides me with a strong company culture. Work at Mindware has challenged me in a positive way, and collaborated in my teamwork emphasize which encouraged me to work across departments and functions to achieve my goals.