Elevating Channel Partners Through Training And Certification Initiatives

Mostafa Kabel • 15 - 01 - 2024

What has been the impact of digital transformation on channel partner training and certifications?

The digital transformation wave has led to a paradigm shift in channel partner training and certifications. Traditional in-person training sessions have transitioned into dynamic, cloud-based modules that can be accessed on-demand. This enables partners to learn at their own pace and makes the integration of real-time updates more seamless. Moreover, the scope of training has expanded beyond product-specific knowledge to include a focus on end-to-end solutions, business outcomes, and emerging technologies like AI and IoT. Certifications have thus evolved to become more comprehensive and solution-oriented, better aligning with the complex needs of today’s digital businesses.


List your top certifications that are in demand by regional channel partners.

The most in-demand certifications among regional channel partners have seen a shift toward a broader cloud and cybersecurity focus. They include:

Dell Certified Professional: With Dell’s extensive product range, this certification is a comprehensive validation of expertise in storage, servers, and networking.

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect: Given Google’s rapidly expanding ecosystem, this certification equips partners with essential cloud architecture skills.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Associate: This certification is increasingly crucial as businesses look for expertise in Oracle’s robust cloud solutions.

Citrix Certified Professional – Virtualisation (CCP-V): With remote work becoming the norm, expertise in Citrix’s virtualisation technologies is more valuable than ever.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP): With cybersecurity becoming a priority, this certification is invaluable.

Splunk Certified Power User: Data is invaluable, and this certification offers mastery in leveraging Splunk for data analytics.

Juniper Networks Certified Associate – Junos (JNCIA-Junos): As networking complexities grow, this certification confirms a foundational understanding of Juniper’s Junos OS.

Veritas Certified Specialist (VCS): With businesses increasingly dependent on data, knowledge of Veritas’ data protection solutions is a valuable asset.

As an authorised training provider, we offer a dedicated system to guide channel partners through the certification process, ensuring not just preparation but successful completion and utilisation of these critical skills.


How should channel partners communicate and leverage their skills certifications with enterprise end customers and in the marketplace?

Channel partners should view certifications not merely as badges of expertise but as tools for building trust and credibility. They should actively promote their certified status across all communication platforms, including websites, email signatures, and social media. When engaging with enterprise end customers, partners should weave their certifications into their value propositions, explaining how these specialised skills solve specific business challenges. They should also incorporate them into case studies, showcasing real-world examples of how their certified expertise resulted in successful project completions. By doing so, channel partners can position themselves as not just vendors but as highly skilled consultants capable of adding exceptional value.