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An Innovation Catalyst for Strategic Collaborations

MAGIC signifies a paradigm shift in technological advancement, redefining partner support in this information era. As the flagship of Mindware’s commitment to excellence and innovation, MAGIC functions as a strategic nexus, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge advisory services. This unified approach empowers partners with customer-centric solutions, spanning technical expertise, financial acumen, marketing prowess, legal compliance, and comprehensive training. MAGIC’s holistic design ensures technical proficiency aligned with the unique needs of partners and vendors, creating a sanctum dedicated to fostering growth, cross-functional collaboration, and sustained competitiveness in the dynamic IT market.


Technology Support

Unleash the power of technology with our suite of services. Our adept team, specialising in Infrastructure, Cloud, Security, DevOps, AI, IoT, and Next-gen Technology, excels at navigating IT intricacies. From product inquiries and troubleshooting to installation, implementation, consultancy, and managed services, our MAGIC technical support team delivers a seamless and efficient experience. Our technical prowess lies in building and fortifying a reliable and resilient technology foundation for businesses, ensuring that every aspect of its IT needs is expertly addressed. We optimise IT infrastructure while ensuring it aligns seamlessly with our clients’ business objectives.

Financial Support

Empower your financial journey with MAGIC’s Financial Support system. Beyond guidance, our two-pronged approach encompasses financial advisory services and deal financing, creating a robust, integrated financial system. Our financial experts navigate large deals intricately, crafting cost-effective strategies. Deal financing opens avenues for mega projects, overcoming financial constraints. We facilitate dialogue between partners, vendors, and potential financiers, ensuring the best terms. Additionally, our business planning support aids in securing funding, showcasing value propositions, potential returns, and risk mitigation. Within our suite of MAGIC Partner Support services, we stand ready to strategically engage as a financial partner in opportunities demonstrating viability and mutual benefit.

Training and Certification

Elevate your expertise with MAGIC Training and Certification, an integral component of our comprehensive suite of MAGIC Support services. Leveraging our state-of-the-art training centre, we curate region-specific programs and certification courses, enriching partners’ product knowledge and service delivery capabilities. As a recognised Authorised Training Centre (ATC) for renowned brands, our offerings add credibility to partners’ market presence. Our training facilities, supported by a dedicated team of over 40 solutions and pre-sales consultants, provide an ideal environment for knowledge sharing. Progressing with our hub team initiative, these programs play a crucial role in empowering partners and vendors to adeptly handle mega deals.

Vendor Negotiations

Engage in superior negotiations by leveraging our suite of MAGIC Services. With a legacy of well-established and strategic relationships with industry-leading vendors, MAGIC is adept at negotiating favourable terms for partners. Our methodology transcends conventional pricing structures, prioritising the establishment of conditions that empower partners to deliver unparalleled client experiences – from expedited deliveries and superior support to flexible terms. Our commitment to fortifying vendor relationships guarantees a persistent strategic edge for our partners. MAGIC stands as a strong ally, augmenting partners’ business acumen and fortitude in the competitive market landscape.

Sales and Marketing Support

Improve your business prowess with our MAGIC Sales and Marketing Support solutions, a cornerstone service within our comprehensive suite. Committed to driving our partners’ growth, MAGIC delivers bespoke marketing collaterals, strategic plans, and exclusive co-marketing opportunities tailored to each of our partner’s unique needs. Our adept sales team, steeped in extensive experience in the field, provides nuanced guidance on effective sales methodologies, engagement strategies, and negotiation tactics. As we progress with our hub team initiative, this support remains an indispensable element for successfully navigating the dynamic market landscape. Partner events and networking initiatives, featuring regional events and webinars, foster knowledge exchange, cultivating a resilient community among our esteemed partners.