Organisations seeking to thrive in 2024 will continue prioritising digital transformation

Nicholas Argyrides • 04 - 01 - 2024

Robust cybersecurity amid distributed workplaces 


Security and enabling a remote workforce will remain top priorities for organisations in 2024 according to recent predictions from Nicholas Argyrides, Vice President – Gulf, Mindware.


“In 2024, remote work and collaboration will remain crucial, requiring robust technology to facilitate seamless communication and to empower distributed teams. In line with this, having strong cybersecurity measures, including advancements in encryption, multi-factor authentication, and AI-powered threat detection, will be essential,” he explains. Argyrides highlights the central role of technology in gaining a competitive edge, with data-driven insights and personalisation enabling deeper customer understanding and targeted campaigns. He further notes that companies thriving in 2024 are those that continue to prioritise digital transformation through technologies such as cloud, AI, and data analytics to optimise operations and
enhance customer experience.” As for the IT distribution space, Argyrides reveals that AI and automation will play a pivotal role. “Embracing automation in repetitive tasks creates room for growth in AI development, data analysis, and automation specialisation. Mindware’s strategic investment in AI tools, coupled with workforce upskilling, positions us as future IT distribution leaders, prioritising customer experience and seizing emerging opportunities,” he says.