Traditional IT Distributor Roles Are Rapidly Shifting

Fadi Matta • 02 - 11 - 2023

Traditional IT distributor roles are rapidly shifting. Digital transformation is quickly becoming a fundamental driver of industry growth. Businesses are rapidly turning to digital technologies to improve customer experience, streamline processes, and gain a competitive advantage. As a result, IT distributors will need to provide a diverse set of value added solutions & services to assist their partners and customers in navigating this transition in order to stay relevant and add value. Offering value-add services sets a distributor apart from its competitors, and rest assured the market is becoming very competitive and we speculate that it will become more and more competitive.


At Mindware, we recognize the importance of differentiation in a crowded marketplace. Hence, we go beyond simply offering a top vendor portfolio of hardware and software products. We possess the critical expertise to integrate and build solutions for our partners, enabling them to stand out from their competitors. Our value-added services, such as technical support, training, and marketing assistance, empower our channel partners to enhance customer satisfaction, foster loyalty, and retain their own customers.

We understand the significance of partner loyalty and the cost-effectiveness of retaining existing partners compared to acquiring new ones. We provide competitive pricing and flexible payment terms to help our partners manage their cash flow effectively. Furthermore, providing simplified and efficient supply chain processes ensures that products reach channel partners quickly and easily, strengthening their position with end customers and enhancing partner satisfaction and loyalty with Mindware.


Moreover, we empower our partners with access to cutting-edge technology to keep them ahead of the curve. Our support doesn’t stop there, as we also offer marketing and sales assistance. By providing marketing collateral, lead generation tools, and sales training, we help our partners increase their visibility and generate more leads. These value-add services create opportunities for upselling and cross-selling complementary products or services.


Some of the value-added services that we provide at Mindware includes:


  • Mindware has a dedicated team of technical professionals, who have in-depth knowledge and experience with the product portfolio of over 45 vendors that we distribute, including Infrastructure, cloud, security, DevOps, and AI/IoT, are always ready to assist with product inquiries, troubleshooting, installation, implementation, consultancy, managed services and problem resolution.
  • We understand the importance of continuous learning and certification in the fast-paced technology industry. That’s why we offer comprehensive, region-specific training programs and certification courses. Our training resources are designed to enhance our partners’ product knowledge and service delivery.
  • We offer a variety of tools, resources, and programs to help our partners promote and sell their offerings more effectively. This includes tailored marketing materials and co-marketing opportunities to reach a wider regional audience. We work closely with our partners in crafting business strategies and plans.
  • By offering flexible payment terms, credit facilities, or financing options, Mindware supports channel partners’ cash flow and investment in inventory.
  • Provide simplified and efficient supply chain processes ensures that products reach channel partners quickly and easily
  • As a distributor of 45+ top brands, our portfolio allows collaborations for unique opportunities, tailored go-to-market solutions, designed to meet partner requirements.


Mindware is leading the charge in digital transformation and innovation with Mindware Cloud marketplace, automation tools, supply chain capabilities, and as-a-service education portals.


Mindware saw this as a great opportunity to fill the gap with resellers to assist them in navigating complex XaaS licensing models and simplify their purchase process and launched its marketplace few years back. Mindware’s marketplace ( offers its partners a range of aggregated cloud solutions from various hyperscalers, private cloud providers, and ISVs, in addition to our cloud professional and support services. This approach helps partners and their clients with their cloud transformation journey and enables them to cross-sell and upsell.


As technology continues to deeply integrate into both businesses and personal lives, there is a growing demand for services such as managed services, cloud services, security services, and consulting services to help organizations maximize the value of their technology investments. In response, technology companies and channel partners are increasingly offering a wider range of services to meet these demands, and many are investing in building out their service capabilities to remain competitive in an increasingly services-focused market.


For channel partners, the key lies in providing tailor-made solutions that address the specific needs of their end-customers. The shift to cloud computing has opened up significant opportunities for channel partners to offer cloud-based services like cloud hosting, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and cloud-based data storage, providing end-users with scalable and cost-effective IT resources. With the increasing threat of cyberattacks, there is a growing demand for cybersecurity services. Channel partners can offer end-users solutions to protect their digital assets, including security assessments, threat monitoring, and incident response services. Data analytics has become a driving force behind many projects and discussions, it is imperative for the partners to provide data analytics services to their customers. This way partners can help businesses make informed decisions and unlock hidden opportunities for growth


Moreover, emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) are reshaping industries and opening new avenues for innovation. Partners should enhance their technical expertise and consulting capabilities to provide solutions in these areas, implement smart solutions, and integrate AI into multiple business processes.


As a Value Add Distributor, Mindware has the capability to collaborate with Partner Management team and provide valuable insights regarding market trends and needs. In such cases, Mindware’s role extends beyond that of a traditional distributor and takes on an advisory role. Once the channel partner has decided to specialize in a particular technology considering the market demand and its customers’ needs, Mindware in collaboration with its vendors play a pivotal role in supporting the Partner’s strategy. Mindware assists the Channel Partner in choosing the right technologies, training and enabling the presales, sales and technical teams. Mindware provides additional support in positioning the technology solutions, with the right narrative and relevant marketing tactics to generate demand and reach the addressable market.


It is imperative for the channel partners to invest in upskilling their workforce to stay relevant in today’s age and provide value to set them apart.


As a value-added distributor, our primary focus is to support and enhance the profitability of our partners. By investing in the above mentioned value-added services, the partners are at an advantage and sets themselves apart, while increasing their revenue and staying profitable. Some of the areas that need special attention by the partner are

  • Diversify product offerings which includes value-added services, in order to differentiate offerings and increase chances of upsell.
  • Streamline operations by implementing efficient processes and systems to reduce costs and improve efficiency, such as automating order fulfilment and invoicing. Invest in the right tools.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction. As mentioned earlier, it is cheaper to retain existing customers than identify and acquire new ones. Providing excellent customer service and support can help increase customer loyalty and generate repeat business.
  • Monitor prices and margins and adjust them as needed to stay competitive and maintain profitability.
  • Build a long-term relationship with the supplier and benefit from loyalty programs and volume rebates.
  • Monitor the cash conversion cycle to control and manage finance cost